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Handmade Artisan Jewelry through the movement of Fair Trade, Sustainability, and Support Local

Inspired by TED Talk

Are you like me?  I need uplifting inspiration... affirmation that the world out there is good.  So when I find myself in a situation with some down time, I like to search through TED talks.  They help me think about topics that stretch the mind.  Sometimes they pique a curiosity, allow me to listen to another view point outside of my own, or just touch a compassionate corner of my soul.  I think my true addiction to TED Talks really comes from the fact that they find their place with an inner passion buried deep inside and give me motivation.  Ultimately, they inspire me. 

One day I found myself thinking about poverty.  I stumbled upon Bono's TED Talk where he speaks about having zero poverty in the world by 2030.  Can you imagine that?  A world without poverty?  And to think that it could be just over a decade away!  It sounds nearly impossible.  But is it?  He speaks about "factivism" and so I started researching.  What did I find?  I found HOPE!

So from that hope, I decided to take action.  From that action is how Strand and Bangle came to be as a company.  So here we go on this new adventure!  I hope you will come follow along on this ride with me!  I'll keep you posted on things I've learned about and continue to learn about while finding and discovering this HOPE.  I think hope is something this world can definitely use more of and needs to be spread.  Let's go spread some sunshine!

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